{Advocating} Still Waiting

On December 15th, I advocated for a little boy. Our social worker so wanted to see his family find him. And, I wanted to help her.

The post on my blog, as of today, has had 1,463 page views. That doesn’t include the views on three other websites where it was reposted.

And, he still waits.

We requested an update about him.

And, yesterday, that update arrived in my inbox. And, I had to stop and catch my breath. Because he’s perfect.

He has been healthy. Though he does not have use of his hands, his cognitive development is normal. He has been in physical therapy for 2 months.

And, he still waits.

His special needs may not be totally clear. His future may not be totally clear. But, he’s wonderfully made.

He cannot yet walk, but he can stand in the crib holding onto the rail. He likely has arthogryposis which has a lot of treatment options.

And, today, I am trusting that the One who made him knows his family already and is preparing them right now for their new son. And, until they are together, there are at least two people on this earth who are committed to praying for him. By name.


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    Hi Kelly,

    He has the same hands as my daughter Linzhi. He most likely has AMC. Do you have any other pics? He is PRECIOUS!!!! He looks to be in good shape as his legs are not locked, my guess he has issues in his ankles like my daughter Madelyn. She had successful surgery in China. There is SO much that can be done for him. It breaks my heart to see him in a crib, he needs to be massaged and stretched. The sooner he gets treatment the better. I will be praying for a family to come forward. He needs to be saved. God bless and please email me if you have anymore questions on AMC.

    Amy <><

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    Oh Kelly, he is precious!!! I got your email but have been away from the computer all afternoon. I will reply soon and would love to advocate for this wonderful child!

  4. Anonymous says

    What are the parental age requirements for china?
    Is there financial help available? Very interested!

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    Kelly, he is precious and I wish I could bring him home. But I will tell you that he would have a great chance with a family here who can get him the treatment he neds and the sooner the better. His hands are like my Gideon’s and while simple things are a challenge he adapts. He is having surgery friday to help his arms and hopefuly some things will be easier with lots of therapy. Email me where we can talk more at [email protected]

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    We were willing to take him but found out today we do not meet China requirments. :( I pray he will find a family soon. Could you please let me know if you hear he does. He is in my prayers.

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    swoon-worthy indeed. thank you for bringing this precious little one to my attention. Is there a certain agency that would need to be used for his adoption? Do you know how readily waivers are given in the case of special needs such as this? At this point in time, we do not meet the age or financial requirements… (I will be 30 in may, but my husband just turned 27. He also just graduated from medical school and will be going into practice this spring so finances will be looking considerably better than they do now soon). What are your thoughts? Is pursuing the waiting child program in China at this point too much of a long shot? -Alison Oertle

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    Kelly, is this little guy still waiting? I’ve been praying for him since your first mention of him on RQ. I didn’t see him on your side bar any longer. I literally have been woken in the night to pray. Thanks!


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