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setyourmindonthingsaboveHe was two years old when we first started jamming to what our kids eventually termed “God music.” I had no smart phone then; cds were futuristic in and of themselves. I’d load up our minivan with a toddler, a newborn baby, and my coffee and what seemed like 200 bags of some sort and we’d listen to Him as we went to the grocery store or drove to the playground or made our way to some playgroup or Grandma’s house.

A funny thing happened though. On the rare occasion that I was alone (I know, shocking), I was still listening to God music. When I was making dinner, I was singing God music—and not in a I-can’t-get-Let-it-Go-out-of-my-head sort of way. I was engaging with God’s word, memorizing His promises, thinking of His message to me…through some cds I bought for the kids.

10 years later, and we’re still listening to our God music. In fact, Seeds Family Worship just released their newest CD last week—The Word of God. It’s a little more grown up than some of their earlier cds which is perfect because we’re all a little more grown up ourselves around here.

One track has pretty much been on repeat in my iTunes for the last week—“Your Life is Hidden”/Colossians 3:2-3. After…maybe…the 134th time listening to it, this genius has memorized the verse that is the only words in the whole song. And, there’s something pretty awesome about that because it’s always with me. So, no matter if I’m driving or shopping or on the phone or reading or coming or going or whatever…it’s there, ready for me to quickly pull out of that mental file cabinet when I need it.

Collossians 32-3

A husband and wife team—Philip and Jessica Morlan—sing the song together which I love because without even using words, their voices share how the truth in those two verses is for me alone but also for us as a couple. I have died to myself and now my life is hidden with Christ in God; likewise, we have died to ourselves together and we are together hidden with Christ in God.

In a perfect world, every couple would know this song. For now, I’ll be happy with every couple at Together Called knowing this song.

MorlansPhilip and Jessica Morlan have 5 children, 2 of whom joined their family via adoption. They are passionate about connecting families to Jesus through God’s Word and teaching families how to disciple the children God has placed in their family. Philip is in full-time ministry with Seeds Family Worship as Ministry Director and Family Pastor. Jessica is a home school mom and also works rocks it as the Ministry Coordinator with Seeds Family Worship. And, this March, they are heading up North from their happy place in Tennessee to plant some seeds at Together Called and connect all of us to Jesus through praise and worship.

I can’t wait to meet them. And, I can’t wait for the God music. My kids are going to be so jealous.

Another reason to be counting down the days…

How to build a Lego Rocketman

This is how we spent our afternoon.

I am the videographer. Drew is everything else.

Anyone want to join us in a how-to series? I have a feeling I’m going to making more of these.


Still waiting {advocating}

I shared glimpses of him already. And, a whole lot of folks saw his sweet face.

Of the thousands of people who saw this little smirk in his big puffy coat, the family—his family—hasn’t met him just yet.

So, I’m bringing out the big guns—videos. And, I’m asking you all to share again. Because if I need to bring out the bigger guns, I may have to figure out how to make him come through your computer screen and sit on your lap.

Yeah, that cackling laugh at the end of that dancing video is mine. I clipped the video to spare you having to listen to the whole laugh. Feel free to thank me for that.

America World only has his file for a couple more weeks at which time they have to return it to the office in China that manages adoptions and say they were unable to find a family for him. A family does not need to be paper ready for an adoption to say yes to him. If you wanna know more or want me to connect you to the social worker committed to my little buddy, shoot me an email at [email protected]

Just Enough {TBT}

Originally posted last May…now edited and shared again because it’s on my heart again…and it’s Thursday. So, I’m doing it.


He never knows what to get me. I can just picture Mark walking around the Beijing market, vendors calling out to the Meiguo ren showing him their pearls and silk. He sent me an email while I slept one night with the subject line “Found you an awesome prize” and these words: “Really cool and very excited about it! Hope you like it.”

He had ventured a little off the beaten path to an open market where digging for treasure is required. As he dug, he found an old heavy bowl made to look like a basket with characters on each side. It was made to hold grain and sit in the center of your table with the message translated: Every year, we have just enough.

It’s been sitting in our dining room since his trip to China last May, gently reminding my sometimes wayward heart. When he left his full-time career in the finance industry in October last year, our world dramatically changed. He called, we tested it to be sure, He confirmed, we responded with a yes, knowing that there was no place we’d rather be than walking in His will for us even if that meant releasing it all and depending entirely on Him for provision. And, what a paradox that is—feeling utterly weak and dependent and needy while at the very same time feeling utterly safe and certain and sure that every year, we will have just enough. Some days, the joy in that dependence and His provision is overwhelming; other days, it’s a battle to remember what I was so comfortable with only hours before.

We’ve fought a few of those battles lately, days of looking back and forth at the bowl before us and saying, “Really? Really, God?” Just like a good father, He smiled and answered our {sort of} rhetorical question and let us see it first hand.

I’m leading a team 3 weeks from today to an orphanage in Shaanxi. This summer, another team went to a different orphanage in the same area in China, and a young girl named April had committed to being a part of that team.

When God nudged her spirit to go, she responded, not letting her physical limitations due to cerebral palsy get in the way of her walking with power in His will for her. But, I learned that she was over $1000 short of the funds she needed to go, and those funds were needed that day.

Really? Really, God? Would you call and then not provide? Did she not hear you right?

I hesitated for a few seconds, that wayward heart wondering if God’s provision may have a limit. What could I do? We’re raising money too; in fact, we’re totally dependent on the giving of others and struggling to meet budget at that. If I tried to rally people to come alongside, would I be taking grain out of our own bowl to fill another, leaving ours in need of filling? But, what good is trusting God to give us our portion if we then stand guard around it, essentially believing that He may fill it once but that there must be a limit?

I shared her need, and people responded by giving and sharing. Trusting Him to supply a need that can only be filled by His hand is contagious. By that night, several hours after I first heard of her need, several hours after April had resigned that she would not be going to China after all, she was completely funded. Every last dollar. Paid in full. Just like Paul reported how the churches of Macedonia had responded to the needs they were made aware of, people gave according to their means and beyond their means, earnestly asking for the pleasure of taking part in meeting April’s needs so she could go (2 Cor 8:3-4).

My bowl from that market sits before me, forged by hands belonging to someone who likely does not love the author of the message it reads and brought home to me by a husband who knew the truth I need to see day in and day out.
Every year, every day, every moment, He gives us just what we need. And, not only does He meet us at our very point of need and supply it, but He takes great pleasure in doing it. There is no reluctance or hesitation, only a desire to bless us for His glory and our good, a desire with no limit that overflows and pours out into eternity.

My heart is overwhelmed as I consider so many have given according to their means and beyond their means, how they have “begged earnestly for the favor of taking part in the relief of our needs so that we could do what God has called us to do.” Our bowl has had a steady supply of manna this year. As we complete our first year in this gig in a couple weeks, we are finding ourselves looking at that bowl more often, asking again if He will fill it. To be honest, the current financial situation doesn’t look promising. We have about 55% of the monthly financial support we need.

Really? Really, God? Would you call and then not provide? Did we not hear you right?

But, we did hear Him. And, He’s still calling. In fact, we’re more convinced now than ever before that we’re doing what He wants us to do. And, while it is scary and hard, we are trusting that He will continue to supply even when we don’t see how that is going to happen.

Chinese bowl

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