{Advocating} The Gift of a Home

These aren’t my words. But, they are the words of someone who has become very dear to me. They are the words of the very special person who opened our daughter’s file, quickly typed in our names, and clicked a button, changing our lives forever. This very special person announced yesterday that she will be resigning her position as Adoption Director at our adoption agency at the end of this month so that she can stay at home with her toddler son. But, before she leaves, I’d really like to give her a very special gift–one very special match.

Please read and share this link. This Christmas, we want to see [Bo’s] family say yes to bringing him home.


Working in the field of adoption, I have read countless heartbreaking stories of the injustices children are forced to endure. Sometimes, I have to remind myself that each “referral,” each “document,” each “jpeg,” is a child. An actual child. Waiting. Is it easy to forget this fact after opening 3000+ attachments? Yes. Until God sends one of these “files” my way that forces me to take pause. To remember. This day, God sent [Bo] to me.

On an insignificant Tuesday, while searching the list of over 1,600 waiting children, I came across a birth date. A date that is so engrained in my heart, it immediately forced me to open this “file” to meet this “referral.” August 13, 2010. The day I gave birth to my first child, Murphy. One of the happiest days of my life. One of the most nerve-wracking days of my life. On August 13, 2010, I was happy-excited-nervous-scared-in pain-full of joy-exhausted. And, across the world, on August 13, 2010, I know [Bo’s] mother shared these same feelings. Though, her day ended much differently than mine.

I spent the night waking when Murphy woke. Doing my best to feed my baby, change my baby, and cater to his every need. I called the nurse many times throughout the night. Am I doing this right? Is he eating enough? My husband was right there with me, getting me water, cradling our new angel. It was hot and humid outside, and I was cool and comfortable in the hospital. I had all of the supports I could need. And after very little sleep, I awoke on August 14, 2010 to my beautiful baby boy.

On August 14, 2010, at not even 1 day old, [Bo] was on his own. Alone. During the night, after realizing that she could not provide the medical care her baby would need, [Bo’s] mother made the heartbreaking decision to give him a chance at life. Her only option was to leave him outside of an apartment building and hope that a good Samaritan would find him and take him to safety.

I think back to those first few days following Murphy’s birth. He had jaundice. They heard a heart murmur. I was a wreck. But, Murphy also had doctors, nurses, and state of the art medical equipment to care for him–not to mention a mother, father, and countless other people who already loved him and doted on him. Now, I find that I cannot stop thinking about [Bo] on those few days following his birth. The same exact days that Murphy and I experienced. But, [Bo] did not have doctors. He did not have nurses. He had no one.

God sent [Bo] to me. Murphy’s twin, in a way. [Bo] reminded me that each birth date, each “referral,” each “document,” each “jpeg,” are all Murphys–all children of God who deserve the love and support of a family.

Could you be [Bo’s] family?

Wanna see his file? Please email Deann (Sarah’s replacement) and allow her to introduce you to this very special little boy. Or, you can contact me for more information as well.


Click HERE to see updated pictures of [Bo] from early January! He has become such a cute little boy!


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    Maybe this would be treated like club feet? To anyone interested, I think it would definitely be worth a call to The Ponsetti Clinic for a free eval.

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    What a beautiful story. All I can think is he will find his family and when he can talk and tell his parents about the first days if his life he will tell him what my daughter and so many others have experienced, “I wasn’t scared. God told me it would be ok. He was with me. ” I believe.

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    I cannot thank you enough for posting this. ‘Bo’ holds such a special place in my heart, and I can’t imagine a greater gift than finding his family as my 5 years of Adoption Director come to a close.

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    Oh my, what a beautiful baby boy! I have referral pictures of my oldest daughter sitting in that same purple chair, in front of that funky Porsche/tropical beach backdrop.

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    Looks like he has arthrogryposis and there are two amazing upper extremity doctors for arthrogryposis at Shriners in Philadelphia. I know they would review files for a family.


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